About Us

Magical Fantasies started out as a variety arts entertainment company providing entertainers to productions large and small. As we gained experience we have expanded and now provide event production leadership, art direction, web design and graphics, event directors and entertainers, to enhance your event’s theme, spirit, content and success.

We are located in Center City Philadelphia and have clients on the east coast from as far north as upstate New York and as far south as Washington DC.

You can reach us at 215-413-2154, or at Dale@MagicalFantasies.com.

We specialize in creating an overall theme for your event so that all of the pieces fall easily into place. This theme can be as simple as a birthday party, as focused as product launch and as complicated as a fund raiser or retirement gala. By creating theme, we add continuity to your event, which will make the event have a more powerful impact while making the many detailed decisions easier to make.

When you contact us, you can choose whether you want us to ease the burden of the many tasks of your goal by designing your entire production or by filling in the details of your overall plan with entertainment. Either way you will be allowing us to enhance the power of your events success while easing the effort and often the cost. Let our experience guide your event to a smashing success.

Learn how our experience in the entertainment arts can do magic to help make your fantasy a reality. Let us help create your next Magical Fantasy.